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Hi, We’re SlumberBub. We’re parents to two lovely little explorers. We went through our fair share of baby sleep struggles and spent a lot of time nap-trapped at home.
It took us a lot of trial and error to figure out how to help our babies to nap on the go. Once we found it, it was life changing. We were dreaming up ways to help you experience that freedom too.

SlumberBub brings you a carefully curated selection of baby sleep aid products
to help your little bundle of joy nap anywhere anytime. So go out for a walk with your little precious, say yes to that picnic at the park with your friends, because come nap time, SlumberBub will lull your baby to sleep no matter where you are.

Why choose SlumberBub?

Longer Naps

disruptive sounds for longer restful sleep


Soothing sleep
anywhere anytime


Withstands adventures big and small


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