Our Mission

Help your little ones sleep anywhere anytime

As parents ourselves we know how hard it can be when your baby catnaps or won't nap at all during the day. We've done the run home for baby's nap time, miss outings with family and friends cause it didn't work with baby's nap schedule, stay home all day cause there isn't enough time between naps to go anywhere; all because baby won't sleep outside. We've been there and we know how lonely and stressful it can get.
That's why we started SlumberBub to bring sleep aid products to help create a peaceful sleep environment for little ones to nap on the go.
It is our mission to empower new parents with the tools to navigate baby sleep and make your parenting journey a calm, relaxing and joyful one. We'll take care of the sleep so you can focus on making memories!

Here are reasons why you'll love SlumberBub

Longer more restful sleep

Your Slumberbub™️ white noise machine offers 10 Soothing sounds to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep for longer so baby will wake up feeling well rested, happy and ready for new adventures.

It can go where ever you go

Your SlumberBub™️ sound machine is compact, light weight and comes with a silicone strap that can attach to anything; from your stroller to your nappy bag to your baby carrier.

Built to last

Our products are durable and long lasting.

Our 100 day risk free trial

Buy and SlumberBub product today and get 100 days to try it out. Don't like it? Simply send it back for a full refund, no questions asked. Our main priority is to make sure you and your bub are well rested and happy.

Join over 100 Aussies and support our mission

Buy from Slumberbub today to help your baby nap anywhere anytime and make your parenting journey easier. All our products are backed by our 100 day risk free trial, so shop today!